Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Will the Angels be able to compete in the AL West with Hamilton Gone and a poorly aging Pujols?

The answer to the question is that they probably won’t. There appeared to be a chance for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim to compete in the American League Western Division in 2014, according to some experts but that chance was downgraded this morning. Now it is goodbye to the  possibility of a comeback year for the Angels’ outfielder Josh Hamilton who, up until Tuesday night, was looking like he might have one. The 32-year old was batting .500 after the first week of the season going 12-24 with two home runs and six RBI.

Here is the reason as to why it’s never really a good idea to slide into first base. It’s a no slide zone, seriously. Hamilton slid into first base in the seventh inning on Tuesday injuring his left thumb. He was able to play to continue to play defense but by the ninth inning Angels’ manager Mike Scioscia said that Hamilton could “barely grip a bat.” He was immediately taken to the hospital for x-rays that came up negative.
Scheduled for an MRI Wednesday morning things still didn’t appear to be that bad for Hamilton and the Angels. Unfortunately the MRI results revealed that Hamilton suffered a complete ulnar collateral ligament tear along with a torn capsule which, as it goes for hand injuries, is probably worse than a break.
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