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Remembering What I Knew of Angels' Pitcher Nick Adenhart ....5 years Later ...

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Honestly, I knew little of Nick Adenhart. I knew he was young, new on the big league scene and as far as I was concerned really good at his job. I never met him or his friends or anyone else on the Angels ... wait I met  Lackey once but that is story about how one guy could be so damn ugly. You think he's bad with a hat - try without one at a bar Ewww! But back to the story at hand, a story that matters and may just teach you something whoever you happen to be....

Nick Adenhart was a pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in 2009. He had pitched in the big leagues before but in 2009 he won the third spot in the  Angels rotation. After his first and very impressive start to the season he lost his life in an accident and it’s something I will always remember because basically in a way, I was there. The five year anniversary of his death and the death of two of his friends was on Wednesday. It happened on April 9, 2009. It does not seem like five years have passed but time just flies the older you get. I didn’t know Nick but the tragedy that occurred affected everyone around it.
My Story:
I was in Anaheim for the final game Angels pitcher, Nick Adenhart ever pitched. It was the third game in a series against the Oakland Athletics and for six innings he owned the A’s. The A’s ended up winning 6-4 so it was easier for me to appreciate those six shutout innings than . I remember thinking, “That kid is good. Better keep an eye on him” – or something of that nature. That night I was in Fullerton where the crash occurred. A friend of of mine owns a popular restaurant and bar there called The Slidebar Rock ‘n Roll Cafe. My friend Jeremy, my mom and I were hanging out there late night having a few drinks and tasting the all new items on the menu. We heard a loud noise and consequently soon after sirens. I remember we talked about it for a minute and moved on. I mean it probably didn’t affected us in anyway. Turned out that it did. My mom and I watched him that night pitch against our A’s. My friend Jeremy is an Angels fan. We were affected but not in the way so many others were.
To read the rest of my part of the story, what happened next and what has happened since CLICK HERE!
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