Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What's the Definition of your Name?

Urban Dictionary: Jen

Bored, messing around on Twitter and saw this. Clicked on it for fun and found this! It's actually cute, funny and relatively interesting ... probably not to you but to me! LMAO! Pretty good definition ... actually. Maybe a little overly complimentary but all around relatively true! Have a great day! Maybe check out your name! Could be fun!

Urban Dictionary: Jen

Highly intelligent, attractive, and creative. Witty and usually sarcastic.
Compassionate & very loyal once you win her over -- 
warning, she will hold her own and do what's necessary 
if you prove incapable of being a healthy asset to her life. 
Ah, and certainly not least she is also very sensual... 
you'd be damn lucky to get her in bed let alone find a place in her heart.

Regular Dictionary: Jen (derivative of Jennifer)

So then I'm thinking well what does my name really mean?? I could probably find a thousand different definitions but here's a site that came up in the first few so I'll roll with it ... 

This site says its of Welsh origin and means White Wave ... so not as cool or interesting as the first one. Oh well ... 

Monday, June 17, 2013

History of OakAsSocksGrl & #OaklandSockSwag till now!

You might wonder why I go by @OaklandAsSocksGrl right? Well obviously I wear a lot of A's inspired knee socks! There's a pretty decent chance you've seen me ~ a crazy brunette running around the Coli in even crazier socks! But really it all started years ago. I'm a girl with OCD and one day I decided that "white socks are only for the gym" but all other socks had to have "pictures or designs on them." Sure it's a bit strange but hey! It has made sock shopping a lot more fun! I have ones with princesses, hello kitty, flames, skulls, polkadots, thigh high #Throx ( - you name it and I probably have it!

The real deal start last baseball season in 2012! There was a give away of yellow socks for kids. Yes, I "borrowed" my friend's son in order to get these but I love them and it has been well worth it! So I started wearing them every few games in the second half of the season last year!

For Christmas as a tradition my mom always gets herself, my sister in law and me crazy matching socks! For Christmas 2012 they were argyle A's socks! I was over the moon about these! I now had two pair that I could wear!!

At Spring Training the socks kinda took on a life of their own! I wore both pairs on alternating days (washing them at the hotel of course!!) and people - random other smokers (yes I smoke, it's bad I know!), the staff and the vendors all started referring to me as the "Socks Girl" and remembering me each day. Even guys like Bob Welch, the A's team photographer Michael Zagaris and Billy Beane took notice! Billy said I should take it and run with it. Being that he is THE Billy Beane who am I to go against his advice?! That'd be crazy!!

Upon returning home I started not only this blog (I still have a ton of unpublished drafts but they will be up shortly at least I hope so!) but a second Twitter Account @OakAsSocksGrl and began posting pics and promoting them on Facebook, Instagram and Google+! Honestly, I have become A LOT more Social Media savvy and internet savvy! I have been able to make new MANY new friends at the games, gain followers, start somewhat of a trend (one group of girls I saw on BART actually called it the "#SocksMovement!" Whoa!) and was even contacted by the Oakland Athletics and asked to throw out the Ceremonial First Pitch at the A's game! A dream come true for any Die Hard A's Fan!! (my first post on this blog is an account of that experience! It has even inspired me to begin working on a book idea that I have had for the past decade but never started because it seemed like such a pipe dream that would never come to fruition  until now!

A Twitter follower of mine, Jamey who is now a close friend, came up with the hashtag #OaklandSockSwag which is my signature hashtag!! And I became the Oakland A's Socks Girl! Since then I have gotten and used other hashtag suggestions such as #OaklandKoozieSwag, #OaklandShoeSwag, #CC (for Celebrity Chick but I don't really consider myself to be a celebrity), #IHellaLoveOakland and #CCDiva. But my mainstay is and always will be #OaklandSockSwag so big shout out to my good friend, Jamey VanDyke!

I even had a meme or two made for me! This is the funniest because I never even noticed the dude on the right there! LOL!
At games I've gotten compliments, had people run up to me introducing themselves, shouting my real name and my Twitter alias, made a TON of really A-mAzing new friends and have an even bigger A's fAnily! (yes, fAnily, I spelled it correctly!) Twitter and Facebook friends can easily become REAL LIFE FRIENDS! I was tweeting these two, Mitch and David, who came and found me sitting in the RF Bleachers one afternoon! More than likely though you will find me behind the A's bullpen in Sect. 128 Row 2 Seat 8! That's my second home!

I also noticed (and purchased a few pair myself) that the Coliseum began selling knee high socks for both women and men! Which I thought was kinda random at first but apparently they're now in demand! I don't take credit for this fact but it's certainly cool to have people wearing them and tweeting/facebooking me pictures of them!! I've even found other pairs online, at sporting goods stores and at places like Target that are not officially A's gear but are still green and gold!

And I see and meet more and more people who are wearing them to the games and even out on the town!
Kinda cool that people are not only wearing their #OaklandSockSwag but they are liking it and Tweeting about it! I was a bit surprised!

Just this past homestand (Yankees and Mariners) alone I was strolling around the Coli and the Coli parking lot, sipping on some beers and I kept running into people with socks and some with crazy #OaklandShoeSwag and #OaklandKoozieSwag as well!

There are even men getting into the action!! I've seen them at the Coli and had pics both Tweeted and Snap Chatted to me by guys who rock their #OaklandSockSwag!! In fact the last pic was just posted on my Facebook ( today by a friend and Twitter follower named Nic! Thanks bro!

Well that is the story of how #OaklandSockSwag came about! And explains part of the reason why you are seeing more and more Oakland A's Green and Gold socks in the world! I can't take all the credit but it's a fun "#SocksMovement" that's starting! What happens next is anybody's guess!

Oh and this is the #OaklandShoeSwag I intend to have made! You can design your own at Have fun kids! Gotta love fun, funky socks and shoes! And as always, LET'S GO OAKLAND!!!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A's/whiners vs. A's/Raiders Fans on FB from the view of an A's/Cowboys fan and Raiders supporter! ... whoa! I know!

What I wrote on a forum on FB:

Yeah well here I'm gonna get blasted and I know it! I couldn't even comment on the thread above because there were WAAAAY to many comments to even read through to be able to make even a somewhat coherent statement! Here's my deal and I KNOW there will be a lot of haters ... I can't stand A's/whiner ppl but ONLY b/c I hate the whiners with a passion! However I can  understand people (esp in my age group, I'm 32, grew up a 90's kid) growing up liking them b/c fuck dudes the Raiders up and left. I get that. It's something understandable!

My deal is even more complicated. I am from TX, brought home from the hospital in a Cowboys onesie that my parents still have! (And while I find Romo and dear god, his new fucking contract to be a complete JOKE bc he'll never win shit! And there are some people who will argue that he does have better numbers than Aikman and Staubach! Well, I'm like idk about numbers! If you pass for 400 yds a game good for you but if you don't get the win then what's the fucking point? I want results not numbers and that is what Troy and Roger provided! SUPER BOWL RINGS!) ... Anyways, what I was trying to get to is I get why some A's fans like the Niners but I also get why A's fans are Raiders fans. I was raised a Cowboys fan and Troy winning three SB's in my formative years certainly helped keep me involved in my TX roots but while I watched the Astros as a kid I did not go to a live game until I moved here at the age of 4. My first game was an A's game and that day my loyalty to Oakland was solidified FOREVER!! But here I am a Cowboys fan who obviously hates the whiners (if I didnt what kinda fan would I be?? I grew up with that rivalry in the early 90's!) and LOVES the A's and the sport of baseball with pretty much my whole heart and soul ... so what I am trying to say is that I love Oakland so much that I have to support the Raiders as long as they aren't playing the Cowboys. It all sounds ridiculous even to me as I write this but the whole point is I get the A's/Niners and I get the A's/Raiders because I feel an intense loyalty to Oakland teams even tho I was raised to love Texas football and I still do! But I can't bring myself to EVER hate on the Raiders due to my loyalty to the city, the A's and it's sports! Y'all probably think I'm insane after reading this and I am not even sure it makes any sense but I wanted to throw my two cents out there! Go A's!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My New Favorite Baseball Video!

Click the link and see the best A's Commercial of 2013: Balfour Ragin' Gnome Commercial

Best Commercial of The Year so far imo! Balfour and Doolittle star in this HILARIOUS A's Commercial! I love this! Our A-mAzing #BullpenBeasts are going strong and #Ragin' in 2013! Let's Go Oakland!