Monday, April 7, 2014

2014: Life of a MLB Season Ticket Holder: What a Weird Week!

Most of the time I try to tailor my column to encompass the season ticket holder experience to all fans but this week was so strange that it's going to be all about the my week with the A's. In all my years of having tickets and going to games I have never encountered a week, especially an opening week, that played out quite like this. Whatever bizarre thing could happen did happen.
Mom and I on Opening Day! (Photo credit: A's Fan Photos)
Mom and I on Opening Day! (Photo credit: A's Fan Photos)
First of all I live in Northern California. It has not rained since September (there was a rain delay at an A's game so I remember) and everyone is worried about a drought. So, the week leading up to Opening Day it rained. Thunder, lightening, small tornados the whole deal - this stuff never happens in NorCal at least not often. The last time the A's had a game rained out was in 1998.
Opening Night went great with the exception of having that freezing feeling that you can feel in your bones. It was literally bone chilling cold which most of you will laugh at because it was only in the upper 30's, lower 40's. So it was cold but there was not a whole lot of rain. A's lost but that is typical - finally! - one thing that was normal during the week. The A's have lost their last ten Opening Day games. True story. But we've been the the play-offs three times in the past nine years so I kind of look at it as batting .300!
The Tuesday the game was rained out but at least we were aware of this prior to heading out to the O,Co Coliseum in Oakland. I live about 30 minutes outside of Oakland, 20 minutes on a good day. Anyway, Wednesday there was sun and there was something else highly unusual, a double header to make up for Tuesday's game. I went to the day game on Wednesday but didn't stay for the night game. The A's went 1-1 which was fine with me. That left us at 1-2 after three days of the week. Could be worse but our supposedly awesome new closer acquired during the off season from the Baltimore Orioles blew the games both Monday and Wednesday night. He did not pitch in the day game we won! Coincidence? Maybe or maybe I am just cynical.
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