Sunday, April 20, 2014

VIDEO: Soriano makes improbable catch, almost impeded by Steve Bartman?

11 years later and it's still like it was yesterday. The Cubs were oh so close to tasting National League Pennant victory for the first time in a century, when Steve Bartman reached over the wall. That's all the guy, a life long cubs fan, did. It was so much more than that though. The misstep of one man kept the Cubs from pennant victory, the closest they had been to a World Series in 100 years.
This highlight took place earlier in the week, in the Bronx and it's not October but it reminded me of well ... Steve Bartman. I feel for the man who had to move and I think I heard changed his name but bro, really?

Anyway, this play begs the question, "Will Cubs fans ever learn not to interfere in the game?" Maybe if Alfonso Soriano hadn't made the catch it wouldn't have been an out for the Cubs, maybe the Cubs fan caught the ball it wouldn't have either. It could have been reviewed and called fan interference. Even though it is a different venue, completely different circumstances and it's definitely not October, at least the last time I checked - this Cubs fan made me think of Bartman. After 11 years even an A's fan stills remember the pain of that season and not because the Red Sox killed the Oakland A's in the American League Division Series but because of the heartbreak that befell the city of Chicago.

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