Friday, April 18, 2014

Breaking News: Mets Trade Ike Davis to the Pirates

6:17 pm - Leaving for the A's game I'll update again later if there is news but it looks as though that is all that we are going to know about this breaking story for today ... still early here! Getting late on the East Coast! lol.

4:54 pm - Link to the initial (official) story with Ike Davis' reaction, updates still to come!

4:45 - More from Adam Rubin of ESPN New York on Ike's father's reaction:
4:25pm - Heyman reports that the player to be name later may be significant
4:18 pm - More news on the trade regarding the financial aspects has been reported by ESPN's Adam Rubin via Twitter:
3:45 pm There have been rumors about a trade throughout the day between the Mets and the Pirates surrounding Mets' first baseman Ike Davis. It was officially reported that a trade has been made by CBS Sport's Jon Heyman via Twitter at 3:45pm Friday afternoon.
Just minutes ago Heyman gave a few more details through his Twitter account. Davis was traded for pitcher Zach Thorton and a player to be named later. Heyman also reported that that player would most likely not be Tyler Thornburg or Eduardo Rodriguez but another player of lower value. I will keep you updated on this developing story here on Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk so stay tuned.

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