Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Best First Baseman in Baseball: The Best of MLB Debate Series

Major-League-Baseball-LogoBaseball season is back and the season is rounding into form. Former MVP and Cy Young Award winners are producing, other players are going down with a series of injuries, and fans around the globe are hoping it is their year. With that in mind, three Sports Unbiased writers got together and decided to debate the best players at each position throughout Major League Baseball. The format is simple, each writer makes a choice and then the writer that went first gets an opportunity for rebuttal. For the sake of these debates there is no “Best of the American League” or “Best of the National League.” Every player on every team is fair game. Up first in the series are the first basemen. Is it Joey Votto or Albert Pujols? Did either of them make the cut? Let’s get to it and see who Brian Reese, Jen Rainwater and Adam Solowiei chose as their best first baseman in Major League Baseball.
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