Saturday, November 30, 2013

MLB Hot Stove: Oakland Athletics Update

The Major League Baseball Hot Stove season has been quiet for the Oakland Athletics, not to be unexpected for a small market team competing in a market where their free agent outfielder, Chris Young, who's numbers were dismal after his move to the American League last season, can command a one year $7.25 million dollar deal with the New York Mets. A signing like that is an indicator that player values on the market are very high this season.
Last season Chris Young was the highest paid player on the Athletics in 2013 making right around eight million dollars. To put this in comparison the highest paid player on the Yankess, Alex Rodriguez made $29 million last season. Having one of the lowest payrolls in the league the Athletics have little chance of signing what they need to make a run at what would be their third straight American League Western Division title: a little help in the bullpen, a veteran starting pitcher, and a big bat.
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Friday, November 22, 2013

New Mini Video "blog" on my YouTube Channel!

Well I posted about 5 mini Snap Chat videos on my YouTube Channel involving everything from the Warriors to Rally Monkeys to Bud Light so if you feel like a little nonsense in your life check 'em out!
Rambling about miscellaneous stuff ... enjoy!! LOL! I'm such a nerd! :-)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

In Unexpected Blockbuster Trade Tigers send Fielder to Rangers for Kinsler!

The Detroit Tigers and the Texas Rangers agreed on this year's first and unexpected big blockbuster deal that will send Tigers first baseman, Prince Fielder to the Rangers for the Rangers' second baseman, Ian Kinsler. It's unexpected because Fielder would only be entering the third year of his nine year contract with the Tigers and Kinsler, considered one of the leagues elite second baseman, was still signed to four more years with the Rangers.
This is a done deal pending physicals and the approval of at least Fielder, who has a limited no trade clause in his nine year $214 million dollar deal with the Tigers and maybe the commissioner, Bud Selig. Kinsler makes considerably less and it was first reported by Yahoo! Sports Jeff Passan that the Rangers will also recieve $30 million dollars in cash to compensate the marked difference in salary.
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Huddy to the gnats?! I think I'm gonna be sick ....


I don't care that he is a nice person with a great family, Kim and the kids were always sweethearts too! I don't care that he was nice enough to take time out of batting practice (of course he wasn't starting that day but still) when I was 22 (and working for KICU producing the live game broadcasts) to teach me about the different pitching grips. That was a great moment (and I still and probably will never be able to even hold the ball to throw a splitter! My hands are far too tiny! lol) for me and I still appreciate it ...

But to go to the "dark side" for $23M is NOT classy. I dont care what people say! What any of you may say. I HATE the gnats (always have and always will) and any player who WILLINGLY goes to play for them! Had he gone to ANY other team, he would still have my respect and support but not this. Black cleats? PLEASE! And orange? The world's ugliest color? Ewww ... Whatever. It's all about the GREEN AND GOLD and our WHITE CLEATS.  I've written SOOOO many comments and tweets and status updates on this horrible development that I am just gonna stop here ...

If you want anymore of my thoughts on this matter you can check My Facebook or My Twitter Account (Follow me @OakAsSocksGrl)! Because I just have no more energy to talk about this .... I think I am gonna go puke now!! (as one friend wrote me "they need to hand out green & yellow puke bags for situations like this" ... LMAO!)


A's Sign LAD's Infielder Punto

The Oakland Athletics recently signed Los Angeles Dodgers back up short stop Nick Punto to a one year deal for $2.27M with an option for 2015. Depending on Punto's production and days on the disabled list in 2014 the A's have a buyout option for 2015 of $250K.
Image courtesy of Ron Gallegos
What does this mean for current A's short stop Jed Lowrie? Of course A's Assistant GM David Forst denies that Punto's signing has anything to do with Lowrie but with the quick progression of top prospect and short stop Addison Russell, who put up good numbers at AA Stockton (29 doubles, 10 triples, 17 homers and 21 stolen bases) during the MiLB regular season as well as in the Arizona Fall League where he finished with a .307 batting average in 18 games to help the Mesa Solar Sox to first place in the East Division of the six-team made-for-prospects league.
Image courtesy of Kyle Terada - USA Today Sports

Russell could easily be ready for the big leagues by the end of Spring Training in March. If this is the case Punto is a perfect addition for the Athletics. He could pick up slack for the rookie who while prepared for the majors might not be ready for an everyday assignment.
Punto is a 36 year old veteran who played in 116 games for the Dodgers last season posting a .255 average while providing strong defense in the infield. Lifetime, over 13 MLB seasons, Punto's batting average is .248 and he is a proven asset at second base, short stop and third base. So where is Lowrie's role in this picture? So how can the club justify saying that a Lowrie trade is not in the stars?
Rumors are that the Cardinals are needing to fill a gaping whole at short stop and a number of players have been mentioned as potential suitors. Names like the Rockies' Troy Tulowitzki, Rangers' Jurickson Profar, Red Sox's Stephen Drew and potentially Oakland's Lowrie are on the list. Lowrie, 29, hit .290 in 662 plate appearances last season for the A's. Until the signing of Punto, Lowrie was looked at to be the two year bridge for Russell to adjust to the major leagues. However, there are other places for the A's to play Punto. As a utility infielder he could play backup for third baseman Josh Donaldson but Donaldson rarely missed a game for the A's in 2013 and finished fourth in the Most Valuable Player voting. He could also platoon at second base but the A's already have the 1-2 combination of Eric Sogard, a huge fan favorite, and mid season acquisition from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Alberto Callaspo.  If the A's are serious about putting Punto in the shortstop role that leaves Lowrie the odd man and with his numbers excellent trade bait.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

THROX Presents Christopher Moore's F*ckSox & F*ckStockings For MS Research!

...THROX Creator Edwin Heaven and Author Christopher Moore Team Up Again For Charity! 


THROX are the "cure for the missing sock" ... they come in threes in case that one sock escapes you in the dryer or one randomly gets a hole (I have found that rotating the socks is the best way to prevent loss and the usual wear and tear socks get on a daily basis) ... I LOVE THROX!! Created by San Francisco's own Edwin Heaven, they come in all colors, patterns, sizes and my personal fave lengths! It's difficult to find good or even decent thigh high socks ANYWHERE! They elude me at socks stores all the time and if you know me you'd better believe I search long and hard for the perfect thigh highs! These socks have been the inspiration for me to start a line of socks that include thigh highs! Granted I'm not there yet, haven't gotten beyond some preliminary designs but there need to be more thigh high socks in this world .... I'm just sayin'! LOL!

Once again THROX is teaming up with the amazing author Mr. Christopher Moore to raise money for MS Research and Awarness! Everytime you buy a "pair" of Moore and Heaven's "F*cksox" or "F*ckstockings" you will be donating to help find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis! These make great gifts and are just great socks to wear! Be brave, be bold, be different, be fun AND help raise for MS by purchasing Chris Moore's "F*ckStockings" for you, your friends and your family! I definitely recommend them and I know my socks!! These are some serious Sock Swag!

Arizona Fall League Championship!

For those of you who don't know the Arizona Fall League is a show case of the of the most promising prospects from each Major League Baseball team. Each team is allowed to send seven of their best and brightest prospects to play in the AFL which is composed of six teams: the Mesa Solar Sox, the Glendale Desert Dogs, the Surprise Saguaros, the Scottsdale Scorpions, the Salt River Rafters and the Peoria Javelinas. Divided into Eastern (Mesa, Salt River and Scottsdale) and Western (Surprise, Glendale and Peoria) Divisions, the six teams, each made up of five MLB teams working collectively, play 30 games during the months of October and November culminating with the AFLChampionship Game. Today the league leading  Eastern Division Mesa Solar Sox (19-11) take on the Western Division Surprise Saguaros (18-12) for the AFL Title!

Here you see the Mesa Solar Sox including A's prospects Seth Frankoff, a right handed reliever and Oakland's number one prospect short stop Addison Russell, who is leading off in the game today! (Photo courtesy of Jessica Fyfe)

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Friday, November 15, 2013


This story is AmAzing and it really doesn't involve the A's even though I must start out with an A's fan making a joke about the gnats! Not to make light of #SFBatKid .... that kid's wish coming true gave us all (I hope) a little bit more faith in humanity!!!! THAT I completely have faith in and believe from all that I have read on Twitter and FB and watched on TV and the Web! Truly it's the coolest, most heart warming story I've heard in a VERY long time so thank you to the The City of SF aka Gotham City to give us all something to root for as one!!! Now onto my joke ... yeah there were better ones out there but this was mine! LOL!

"Breaking News: Thanks to #SFBatKid many unassuming giants fans are suddenly made aware that their team's mascot is indeed a seal (not a panda or a giraffe)" .... 

The only sad part about my joke is that a lot of so-called gnats "fans" also known as "extreme bandwagon bitches" really didn't know that Lou Seal (officially named by my good friend, Edwin) was actually the gnats mascot! - Ya know they thought it was a panda or a giraffe (OMG! Those masks are just pathetic attempts to be even half as cool as us Oaktown fans are) ... but they are all just posers and I do know a handful of gnats fans who would certainly know who Lou Seal is and has been for a long time! So, yes, I believe there are real gnats fans but I find them to be few and far between .... 

Anyways, I'm off topic! Last night the bat signal called SF Bat Kid to come and save Lou Seal from the evil Penguin and a young boy fighting Leukemia did just that! It was one of the most kick ass events The City has ever seen/been a part of and the out pouring of support AROUND THE GLOBE was unbelievable! Thankfully the young boy's cancer is in remission and I wish him all the best and hope it remains that way! Thank you for saving our "Gotham City" SF Bat Kid! We owe you one, for real!! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

A's Playing at AT&T? Not Gonna Happen!


So I'm in a bit of a hurry but here goes: the purpose of this blog is to address 1. the remote possibility of the A's playing at AT&T Park next season and 2. to point out that the pic that goes along with the article is a pick of me (Oakland A's Socks Girl), DMock, CocoFingers and OaklandGreenMan ... so I obviously found that to be pretty cool! Check it out by clicking the link below:

Possibility of A's having to play at AT&T next Season & OaklandAsSocksGirl's Pic in the article on ABC news

Well there's all this talk about the A's possibly playing at AT&T Park next season ... my first response is basically I just threw up a little bit (again just thinking about it!)! My other response it that it's not gonna happen. The A's will make a deal and be at the Coliseum for the next couple years and probably until a new stadium is built in Oakland - and it will be! - They've been talking about San Jose for over a decade and nothing's happened? Really? Something really gonna change? What will is Oakland and local investors (who are ready to buy the team - JUST SELL LEW!) will pick a site and we will have a new stadium ... there's too much more to go into for me to go into detail on my thoughts on the A's/SJ/AT&T/Oak ... which I may do at one point someday but that day isn't today! 

Also it's cool that they feature A's fans photo's on the article ... First one? One of my friends and me! Not a bad tweet to wake up to in the morning! LOL! (I included a pic of Oakland Vader bc he should have been represented too!)

 Melvin's Misfits and Oakland A's Socks Girl
(I'm kinda an honorary member of the Misfits!)

Friday, November 1, 2013

2013 World Series Game Six: A TRUE STORY: The Day I Wore Red #SockSwag

 ... Red Sox crowned World Series Champions

Make no mistake I am NOT a Red Sox fan .... but I am an AL girl and there were conflicting reasons to root for either team so I went with the Red Sox (you know if you read any of my blog before about the whole mess of the hierarchy of World Series Titles, etc). Plus, I like a few of the players in Boston like David Ortiz aka Big Papi! He so adorably happy all the time, he reminds me of Bartolo Colon a bit (#TeamBartolo) and also playing for the Red Sox were former Athletics, NorCal native Jonny Gomes and the "smartest man in baseball" Craig Breslow ... As I mentioned before as well I'm an American League girl at heart so my alliegence is to the AL. 

Ortiz was named the MVP of the World Series this year, his postseason record is so good it's awe inspiring! And he performed as well or better than he did almost a decade ago when the Red Sox won their first World Series since 1918. Ortiz's lifetime postseason batting average is .295 with 17 home runs. One might think he'd have big numbers playing for contenders like the Twins and now the Red Sox combining for a total of 82 post season games having gone to the ALDS eight times, the ALCS six times and the World Series three times! But it's hard to keep an almost .300 avg  having played what equals to a full half season's worth of post season games! Yes, Big Papi has had the good fortune of playing for competitive teams but every time he goes to the playoffs he is CLUTCH and this year was no different! He deserved that MVP award! Congrats Big Papi!!

Earlier today I wrote an entire blog post about all this and much more using my phone, turns out that even though I have app on my phone - it was all lost because it wouldn't publish! Apparently my phone isn't compatible with Blogger. It's a Galaxy S3 I can't imagine why it wouldn't work. I need a new phone anyway so I think I will make sure my new one is compatible. Now I feel like I am just completely rambling but earlier I felt like I had more content and meat to the whole thing. Ugh! Frustrating much?! So here are some pics of my Red SockSwag! I will write and add more to this tomorrow most likely but for now this is all I got in me ... keep getting distracted by wanting to watch Pitch Perfect! LOL! 

I was definitely ready to watch some baseball with my SockSwag, JD, Bud Light, Diet Coke and my #OaklandKoozieSwag .... only thing missing was the pizza but it was about to arrive! hehehe!