Monday, July 29, 2013

Idol Features Interview with Chris Charles

 I know I haven't blogged in hella days! Kinda lame of me, been a little busy with the A's kicking ass and being 6 games up on the Rangers! Such a great comeback win today as the A's took 3-4 from the Angels! After being down 5 runs in the first inning Oakland came back to win 10-6! Those are my boys! They never say die! Let's Go Oakland!

So I met a friend via mutual friends on Facebook who has a webstie called Idol Features! He interviews as the site puts it "ladies that are worthy of a double take" - apparently I am a local lady worth one! I would disagree but was flattered and took a moment to talk with Chris about well my fave thing in the world A's baseball and about my AmAzing socks! LOL! Chris also has interviewed a true local celeb who I am a huge fan of - Roberta Gonzales! She's a big A's fAnAtic and will be throwing out the first pitch for her - *gasp* - 5th time, on August 13th against the Astros! My first pitch was also against the Astros! :-) Anyways here is the interview ... hope y'all enjoy it!

‬Idol Features - Jen Rainwater - Oakland A's Socks Girl