Thursday, March 13, 2014

Why I am a Dallas Cowboys Fan ....
You know how I like to throw a little bit of football into the mix every once in a while.  This time I actually decided to do a little football piece on my own. I am always asked, ALWAYS, "why are you a Cowboys fan?" Let's face it the only people who LOVE the Dallas Cowboys are the millions of Dallas fans across the country. Everyone else hates us but that's ok! We are America's teal! LOL! 

But growing up in Northern California in the late 80's and 90's there was not much love lost between the Cowboys fans and San Francisco 49ers fans! People just could not believe  that I didn't love the Niners like everyone else. Even some of my friends' dads upset me because even they had to get in on my love for the Cowboys. I LOVE the fact that I am a Dallas Cowboys fan espcially one who was at an impressional age during a great dynasty led by the love of my life! LOL! This is all true. No joking. Not about Troy.  

The honor of being a Cowboys fan was bestowed upon me, by my parents, Aunt and Uncle and the great state of Texas, at the time of my birth. By the time I understood the game well I was about eight years old. The year was 1989 and the Cowboys drafted Troy Aikman first overall in the NFL Draft. When that happened I looked at my family and said,
"I am going to marry him someday."
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Of course I didn't marry Troy Aikman but he was and still is my hero. He was drafted when I was eight (sure he lost a lot games at first but I always had faith!) - the same year THAT THE OAKLAND A'S SWEPT THE S (=stupid) F (=fans) GNATS! (excuse me? did I misspell that? Oh, wait, nope! It was as is obvious definitely on purpose!) What I am saying is that 1989 was overall a great sports year for me! 

Then in 1990 the Cowboys drafted Emmitt Smith (Michael Irvin was drafted in 1988) and the dynasty of my childhood was born. Unfortunately living in NorCal the Cowboys played the Whiners (excuse me? did I misspell that? Oh, wait, nope!) four straight years in the NFC Championship game winning three, losing one. After they three the won they went on to win the Super Bowl in 1992, 1993 and 1995.

So by the time I was 14-years old I felt so accomplished - at least in my teams if that makes sense - the A's had beaten the team I hated and still hate most over all teams in all sports the gnats in the World Series and  my Cowboys led by my boy Troy had won me three Super Bowls. What kid ... loving baseball and football and Troy Aikman  ....  could possibly go through that between the ages of 8 and 14 and not love sports and have lifetime loyalty towards the teas teams that made him/her so happy for so long? 

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Besides being ingrained in me by my family and place of birth, I got to see the teams I loved so much succeed. Sure my beloved A's only won one World Series during that time span the went to three consecutively and you can't say that isn't success. It is not the ultimate success but it's better than the rest! Those were good years. I'll explain more about my why I am an A's fan and why I love baseball so much more than ANY other sport in another post. I have work to get done for the Major League Baseball Advanced Media Affiliated blog - OustidePitchMLB and the Outside Pitch Sports Network ... but before I go I will say that my dedication to the game of football and the Dallas Cowboys has changed over these many years of Tony Romo (don't even get me started! lol) but I still watch almost every game and the Cowboys will always have a piece of my heart.

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