Sunday, March 16, 2014

Why are Injuries Piling up at Such a Rapid Rate Among MLB Pitchers?

Four Starting Pitchers Go Down to Elbow Injuries in One Week

Daniel Shirey/Getty Images
Daniel Shirey/Getty Images
Personally I think that it HAS to be some kind of disease that is spreading across the country. I'm serious. Well, not exactly about the "disease" aspect but something is going on around Major League Baseball. In recent years more and more players, especially pitchers have been getting injured, having Tommy John surgery and spending over a year just trying to recover to be able to pitch. When is the barrage of injuries in MLB going to stop?
Many ideas have been tried - everything from lowering pitch counts to the new rule regarding home plate collisions to special helmets for pitchers - yet the number of serious injuries continues to grow. Is it the way that teams are handling the players rehab? Not necessarily as both the Washington Nationals' Stephen Strasburg and Atlanta Braves' Kris Medlen had the surgery in 2012 and their rehabs were handled differently. Yet still both pitchers ended up injured again.
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