Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bold Prediction: Billy Burns Makes Oakland's Opening Day Roster

Lance Iversen, Reuters
Lance Iversen, Reuters
It’s a bold prediction, what can I say? How can a 24-year old kid, whose never played above Double-A ball (only did for half a season), make the Opening Day roster of the back-to-back reigning American League Western Division Champions? It may take lightening speed, sadly maybe someone else’s injury, an incredible spring performance and a lot of luck but Oakland A’s outfield prospect Billy Burns may just be able to do it.
Burns was acquired by the Oakland Athletics in a trade with the Washington Nationals in December. The Nationals got fan favorite, lefty middle reliever Jerry Blevins for Burns, a small outfielder with insane speed. He is so fast that he already has seven stolen bases this spring which is more than some teams even have combined. He’s always on the move and his speed has been compared to not only the Reds’ speedy center fielder Billy Hamilton but some scouts have said he might be the fastest baseball player since the great Rickey Henderson.
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