Monday, March 10, 2014

2014: LIfe of a MLB Season Ticket Holder: STH Friends are Like Family

This week in the little story that is my Life of a Major League Baseball Season Ticket Holder I am going to pick up where I left off last time. I was in my hotel room at the DoubleTree and had to take off in order to get to an A's game at Phoenix Municipal Stadium against the Los Angeles Dodgers with the reigning Cy Young Award winner, Clayton Kershaw, on the mound. I couldn't be late to see Kershaw!
Lucky for me, I was there to see the southpaw get crushed by the A's offense! Kershaw cruised through the first two innings but wasn't able to get out of the third inning. The A's scored 5 runs off Kershaw and seven total in the inning. They eventually won the game 7-3. So that was a great game in my book.
Besides winning the game, another great part of going to spring training is that you get to see, what I like to call, your "Season Ticket Holder (STH) Neighbors.' STH neighbors started out for me as just the people who had tickets directly around where my seat is. I've seen families come and go, children grow up and go to college. Overtime you develop relationships with these people with whom you share a common love. I have to say that your direct STH neighbors are where the really deep friendships are formed. Some families do come and go (I mean, my family was new in 2002 when we moved our season tickets from section 219 to section 128.) but you end up staying in touch and develop friendships with new people. With so many games and weekends spent together it makes sense that STH would bond.
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