Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sports Unbiased - I am now the Lead American League Writer for the League Feed!!

So I've been informed that I will now be in charge of a part of The League Feed on Sports Unbiased. Which means a couple of things (and in a way it is more responsibility so really it is a promotion!!!!) - I will NOT be posting every article I write on this blog. All feature articles will be posted here on my blog with their respective links, but The League Feed on Sports Unbiased covers specifically breaking news, trades/transactions, contract signings/extensions and injury reports. So if you want to know what the latest is in Major League Baseball's American League be sure to remember this link: 

I am going to be covering all of those breaking stories as they happen for the American League. It will also be featured on all MLB pages associated with Sports Unbiased. You can even subscribe to The League Feed if you like! 

Just wanted to put this new development in my budding writing career out there so you won't miss a beat. To be honest it is hard to post EVERYTHING on my sites (Sports Unbiased and OutsidePitchMLB) and on my blog. Especially when some of them are short, breaking stories where there is actually little information available! 

So PLEASE if you enjoy my writing and want to keep updated on the latest news for the American League - subscribe to the feed and I PROMISE to keep you informed .... Having just received this promotion today I will post the link to my first American League piece on Sports Unbiased League Feed

Here is the direct link to my first post as the American League writer for 

Leon Halip/Getty Images

Thanks for giving a crap and here's to the 2014 Major League Baseball Season! 

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