Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Birthday 1st to my Blog!

My blog is now exactly one year old. I have written exactly 260 posts (inlcuding this one) and work now at two different websites Outside Pitch Sports Network and Sports Unbiased (as you may have guessed because I am always promoting them). Today I'm gonna share my very first post with you as well as some others that I have liked as a birthday present to my blog! 

I also wanted to announce a new blog that I am going to have. I will be moving this blog from blogger to Word Press. It's not completed yet but the address of it will be I will continue to bring the latest MLB news and updates my self and may or may not keep up with my daily updates (they're tougher to do than you'd think, I may go every other day - unless I just write the headlines so you get the basics of the day. I am not sure! Anyone have any comments?? please leave them! I am terrible at making decisions). Each week on a connected blog called "Relative Replays: Behind the Bullpen Chatter" that I will be co-authoring with my baseball loving mother, Barbara - well I'm not sure yet - we'll probably pick a big headline for the week and either debate or just discuss it .... It's all in the works and as soon as it is ready I will let it be known on this blog!! I'm working on it!

I hope one day to make the new blog much bigger and better than this one! My mom and I can be pretty funny and we both know entirely too much about the game ... I haven't decided on what to do with this one yet ... but I will keep you posted! But I will be doing most of my blogging with links to my articles on the new blog so PLEASE FOLLOW MY NEW WORD PRESS BLOG: But not yet because it's not fully functional! lol! Thanks! Enjoy my little collection of blog posts ... AND HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY BULLPEN, BASEBALL & SOCK TALK! YAY! 

Ok that's it for now, for today at this point but you never know - if I have more time I will write more! Check back! Thanks for reading! I truly appreciate it!

xoxo ~ Jen

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