Friday, May 23, 2014

Hi there Strangers!! A few announcements & links to articles you may have missed! Let's play catch up shall we? :)

Hey there people who actually read my blog - first off let me say that I am very grateful for each and every one of you!! So thank you so much for coming back and reading the randomness that is me! Your support does not go unnoticed. 

So what's new! Well I got a paying gig (yes, you heard correctly - once I get paid I can call myself a legitimate baseball writer!! I am writing for the FanSided Network's flagship destination for ALL THINGS MLB: Call to the Pen ... did I mention that they hired me not as they usually  from already in-house staff writers but on my own merits as an Editor - so I contribute but I am also now learning new management and editorial skills. It feels like a big step up for me - I won't get paid a lot but money will be exchanged and I still get to write but am in a whole new role learning new things, expanding my horizons and advancing my career! It's all very exciting being that I hadn't written in approximately 7 years when I started this blog a little over a year ago - then moved to Sports Unbiased to being a contributior to an MLB Affiliate Pro-Blog to now being an editor at an established and very professional site  - all within the span of a year. I am grateful and humbled and SOOOOO EXCITED! Every move I have made has been a step forward and I hope to continue learning, expanding my horizons and advancing my career! 

I have one more quick announcement - my blog will be moving soon. I am hoping to get it launched by June but that's really soon and I have a busy week ahead of me but it will be through Word Press yet already has its own domain which is - I will be expanding the blog and adding new features such as a weekly mother daughter take on events around the league or games or the A's. My mom is just as big of a baseball freak and expert as I am - not that I am an expert but ya know what I mean we study it a lot! Anywhoo - that's that! Here's a list of articles that if you haven't run across on social media you may just be interested in reading - mostly coming from Call to the Pen and a few from Outside Pitch MLB! Enjoy!!  


Troy Tulowitzki responds to cheating allegations, he saw "The Sign"

Giants Cain, Casilla receive MRI results

A's defeat Rays, recording just one hit

Injury News: Votto to the DL, Sale to make return to Sox

Stephen Drew signs with Red Sox

Oakland A's have finally chosen a closer

CC Sabathia out six weeks according to Cashman

Athletics' history of strange games in Cleveland Continues

How far up the All-Time home run list can Albert Pujols Climb?

Jose Abreu lands on the DL with ankle injury

Rockies turn triple play and then walk-off

Gio Gonzalez headed to the disabled list

Rangers lose two more starting pitchers, both for the season

Derek Norris: All-Star??

Nationals Tanner Roark: The pitcher no one saw coming

** I know its an extremely long l,ist but I did say I've been busy so check it out! I have bolded some of my personal faves or the ones I think are the most interesting! lol**

Thanks again for reading and I hope you take the time to check out some of my articles! xx ~ Jen

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