Monday, May 5, 2014


No, I'm not excited to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by drinking too many margaritas and tequila shots then being hungover in the morning. Been there, done that. Not that it means I won't drink my beer. I just really love beer ... any type of beer from Bud Light to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale to ... oh it doesn't matter. I didn't come on to blog because of beer ... although one day I might because I could .... Beer rules!

Anyway, I was just watching trailers for 24: Live Another Day ... I have been excited since there were rumors that it may happen like last year ... then they finally announced it and then the trailers ... now it's like here! In approximately 17 hours here on the West Coast my dvr will come on (probably while I am watching the A's game) and begin recording 24!!! (what you thought I would miss the A's game AND sit through commercials when I am watching the best show of like all time?!) So yep. For all you 24 fans .... Here's an official countdown! I am so stoked! #JackIsBack!! Isn't that so exciting? I mean it is about time!! (whatever - I'm a nerd but I'm totally ok with that) ... so yup! (Let's Go Oakland - had to say it somewhere!)

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