Sunday, May 11, 2014


Just letting y'all know that for now at least I am going to be stopping collecting the days articles from the sites I write for & all the days scores/transactions. There just hasn't been enough content produced lately for the time that putting everyday together. If anyone wants to voice their opinion like "Good Riddance, that was annoying" to "It needs to come back" - I will take that into consideration. If it was helpful to people then right on and I would hella bring it back but if no one really minds then it's less work for me - I still have my articles for my sites, other daily responsibilities, baseball games - soon I will be covering a few A's games here and there live from the press box via twitter as well as after in articles and interviews - book reviews, this month I was asked to review Jason Kendall's new book, Throwback, by the publishers at St. Martin's Press and I still a previous review that hasn't been written - I announced it the other day but I will keep bringing it up and once it is launched officially you'll know - but I am revamping my blog, adding a few features etc over on WordPress and it should be pretty cool but I am still a little ways a way from that being ready yet! My fave new feature is going to be weekly called Relative Replays: Behind the Bullpen Chatter. My mom and I will discuss everything from the A's (ok probably like 40-50% A's related stuff or AL West stuff or how much we just don't like the gnats) to 40-50% of issues, big games, whatever issues are going on in the league. I don't know of another mother-daughter baseball blog (if there is one that's awesome!) and my boyfriend thought it was a great idea ... of  course he who does not like baseball had to smirkingly add at the end "like you two do or think about anything else anyway" which while probably a true story, was not meant to be the compliment I'd like to be able to take it as. Well I have now sufficiently rambled .... but I guess that's just what I do! Have a great Sunday! Go A's! xx~ Jen

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