Thursday, January 16, 2014

NFL: Jets, Rex Ryan Agree on Multi-Year Extension

Check it out guys! It is my second NFL article in a month! I must be branching out of my comfort zone! Woohoo! LOL!

It’s official, well almost, Jets’ head coach Rex Ryan is no longer a lame duck. Although it was confirmed in December by the Jets’ owner, Woody Johnson, that he intended to keep Ryan on for the 2014 season, thus leaving Ryan to coach into the last year of his contract, it appears that things have changed. It has been reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter that Ryan and the Jets have come to an agreement on a multi-year contract extension. The details of the contract are not yet public but what is known is that Ryan will be with the Jets for at least the next three years.
Image courtesy of Joe Robbins/Getty Images
Image courtesy of Joe Robbins/Getty Images
Ryan was hired in 2009, taking on a Jets team that was coming of of consecutive non-playoff seasons. In the next two seasons he led he Jets to two straight AFC Championship games, losing one to Indianapolis and the other to Pittsburgh. In 2011, expectations for the Jets were high but they ended up at what was then a disappointing 8-8 season. The 2012 season brought about more disappointment for the Jets. The signing of quarterback Tim Tebow became a huge distraction and when quarterback Mark Sanchez played, he had an alarming number of turnovers. The Jets finished the 2012 season at 6-10.

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