Monday, January 27, 2014

Zambrano Brawls, Sandoval Injured During Venezuelan League Championship Game

It's news to most, not all but most, baseball fans that there is plenty going on in the game during Major League Baseball's off-season. Besides just contract negotiations and player trades, there are leagues being played in other countries such as Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Those leagues also just happen to be filled with future, current and former Major League Baseball players who are practicing for the upcoming season, preparing for their future careers or finishing up what's left of theirs.
Saturday's game three of the Venezuelan League Championship Series between the Navegantes de Magallanes and Caribes de Anzoategui was full of excitement. It started with a bench clearing brawl led by free-agent MLB pitcher Carlos Zambrano, formerly of the Chicago Cubs and Miami Marlins, and ended with an injury to current MLB player, Pablo Sandoval of the San Francisco Giants. 
Zambrano, only 32, should be trying to resurrect his dying career but this incident was not conducive to such a plan. Already known for his fiery temper, Zambrano was not even on the field when the brawl began. As soon as it did however, he was suddenly found in the middle of the fray swinging furiously at any player around. Despite having tried to get his anger issues under control over his 11-year MLB career, it appears little or no progress has been made by the right-handed pitcher.
Fortunately, no injuries were reported from during the brawl. However, it appears that the Giants' third baseman was injured during the game. According to Andrew Baggarly of the San Francisco Chronicle, Sandoval tweaked something while attempting to run out a grounder during the eighth inning. The extent of the injury is unknown. While the third baseman did spend time on the disabled list last season with a strained tendon in his left foot, there is no indication that this injury is at all related to that one.
Yet two incidents in one game, in one of many winter leagues, does show that there is plenty of baseball excitement all year round.
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