Sunday, January 19, 2014

MLB Expanded Replay and How it Works

Image courtesy of Elsa/Getty Images
Image courtesy of Elsa/Getty Images
Since August 2008 there has been limited instant replay in Major League Baseball. Since then, the idea of expanding the range of plays that instant replay covers has been part of the conversation. After a 2013 season of poor umpiring and missed calls, it was announced Thursday by MLB Commissioner Bud Selig that the use of expanded replay had been approved for the 2014 season by the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA), the World Umpires Association and all 30 MLB teams.
How does this new system actually work? What are the changes? How many challenges does a manager get? What types of plays are allowed to be reviewed? Who reviews them? And who makes the final decision?
Expanded Replay will cover 90 percent of all plays in the game, officially 13 different types. Here, as posted on by Paul Hagan, is a quick description of each of the thirteen plays that may be challenged by the club’s manager

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