Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kinda Off my Blog Topic but I Wrote About Football! Who knew?

So, I took a chance and wrote a little football article for Sports Unbiased on the Redskins hiring Jay Gruden as their new head coach. I LOVE all sports! Football comes in second to the obvious, then Basketball and then Hockey but I usually like to write about what I know which of course is pretty evident if you have ever seen my blog or status updates on my Facebook Page or Twitter Page. Anyway, I had once partaken in a collaborative article on NFL running backs for SU and no one had stepped up to take the story so I thought ... why not? What can it hurt to try? And actually it has gotten good reviews from the editors and public so I decided to put it on my blog! Sorry it's not about baseball or more specifically the A's who Sports Illustrated said would win the World Series in 2014 in their article: Top Ten Predictions for the 2014 Baseball Season ... A-mAzing as I like to say! This really could be our year! Let's Go Oakland ... but back to my article ... Here is the link! Check it out! 

Jay Gruden Replaces Shanahan as Redskins Head Coach

Jay Gruden, brother of former Tampa Bay and Oakland Head Coach Jon Gruden will be the Redskins new Head Coach

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