Tuesday, January 7, 2014

21 Baseball Facts from MLB Fan Cave That WILL Make You Feel Old!


And I mean HELLA OLD!! Derek Jeter was named Rookie of the Year 18 years ago and still in my mind I consider him one of the younger guys!! It gets worse Mariano Rivera - a setup man!? What?! AND MORE! DEFINITE MUST READ FOR ANY BASEBALL FAN! 
ALL FAN!! (at least the kids can learn a little! LOL!!) ... here's a little preview:
The Sandlot turns 21 this year!

Derek Jeter was named ROY 18 years ago!
Major League Celebrates its 25th Anniversary in 2014!

And there's more to make you feel bad about your age! Fun to reminisce? ABSOLUTELY!!! Fun to realized how old you really are? NOT SO MUCH! LOL! Enjoy! I did, well for the most part! 

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