Monday, November 4, 2013

A's Playing at AT&T? Not Gonna Happen!


So I'm in a bit of a hurry but here goes: the purpose of this blog is to address 1. the remote possibility of the A's playing at AT&T Park next season and 2. to point out that the pic that goes along with the article is a pick of me (Oakland A's Socks Girl), DMock, CocoFingers and OaklandGreenMan ... so I obviously found that to be pretty cool! Check it out by clicking the link below:

Possibility of A's having to play at AT&T next Season & OaklandAsSocksGirl's Pic in the article on ABC news

Well there's all this talk about the A's possibly playing at AT&T Park next season ... my first response is basically I just threw up a little bit (again just thinking about it!)! My other response it that it's not gonna happen. The A's will make a deal and be at the Coliseum for the next couple years and probably until a new stadium is built in Oakland - and it will be! - They've been talking about San Jose for over a decade and nothing's happened? Really? Something really gonna change? What will is Oakland and local investors (who are ready to buy the team - JUST SELL LEW!) will pick a site and we will have a new stadium ... there's too much more to go into for me to go into detail on my thoughts on the A's/SJ/AT&T/Oak ... which I may do at one point someday but that day isn't today! 

Also it's cool that they feature A's fans photo's on the article ... First one? One of my friends and me! Not a bad tweet to wake up to in the morning! LOL! (I included a pic of Oakland Vader bc he should have been represented too!)

 Melvin's Misfits and Oakland A's Socks Girl
(I'm kinda an honorary member of the Misfits!)

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