Saturday, November 16, 2013

THROX Presents Christopher Moore's F*ckSox & F*ckStockings For MS Research!

...THROX Creator Edwin Heaven and Author Christopher Moore Team Up Again For Charity! 


THROX are the "cure for the missing sock" ... they come in threes in case that one sock escapes you in the dryer or one randomly gets a hole (I have found that rotating the socks is the best way to prevent loss and the usual wear and tear socks get on a daily basis) ... I LOVE THROX!! Created by San Francisco's own Edwin Heaven, they come in all colors, patterns, sizes and my personal fave lengths! It's difficult to find good or even decent thigh high socks ANYWHERE! They elude me at socks stores all the time and if you know me you'd better believe I search long and hard for the perfect thigh highs! These socks have been the inspiration for me to start a line of socks that include thigh highs! Granted I'm not there yet, haven't gotten beyond some preliminary designs but there need to be more thigh high socks in this world .... I'm just sayin'! LOL!

Once again THROX is teaming up with the amazing author Mr. Christopher Moore to raise money for MS Research and Awarness! Everytime you buy a "pair" of Moore and Heaven's "F*cksox" or "F*ckstockings" you will be donating to help find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis! These make great gifts and are just great socks to wear! Be brave, be bold, be different, be fun AND help raise for MS by purchasing Chris Moore's "F*ckStockings" for you, your friends and your family! I definitely recommend them and I know my socks!! These are some serious Sock Swag!

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