Friday, November 15, 2013


This story is AmAzing and it really doesn't involve the A's even though I must start out with an A's fan making a joke about the gnats! Not to make light of #SFBatKid .... that kid's wish coming true gave us all (I hope) a little bit more faith in humanity!!!! THAT I completely have faith in and believe from all that I have read on Twitter and FB and watched on TV and the Web! Truly it's the coolest, most heart warming story I've heard in a VERY long time so thank you to the The City of SF aka Gotham City to give us all something to root for as one!!! Now onto my joke ... yeah there were better ones out there but this was mine! LOL!

"Breaking News: Thanks to #SFBatKid many unassuming giants fans are suddenly made aware that their team's mascot is indeed a seal (not a panda or a giraffe)" .... 

The only sad part about my joke is that a lot of so-called gnats "fans" also known as "extreme bandwagon bitches" really didn't know that Lou Seal (officially named by my good friend, Edwin) was actually the gnats mascot! - Ya know they thought it was a panda or a giraffe (OMG! Those masks are just pathetic attempts to be even half as cool as us Oaktown fans are) ... but they are all just posers and I do know a handful of gnats fans who would certainly know who Lou Seal is and has been for a long time! So, yes, I believe there are real gnats fans but I find them to be few and far between .... 

Anyways, I'm off topic! Last night the bat signal called SF Bat Kid to come and save Lou Seal from the evil Penguin and a young boy fighting Leukemia did just that! It was one of the most kick ass events The City has ever seen/been a part of and the out pouring of support AROUND THE GLOBE was unbelievable! Thankfully the young boy's cancer is in remission and I wish him all the best and hope it remains that way! Thank you for saving our "Gotham City" SF Bat Kid! We owe you one, for real!! 

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