Thursday, October 17, 2013

The 24th Anniversary of the Loma Prieta Quake & the Bay Bridge World Series!

Since everyone is sharing their story on this 24th anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake here's mine:

I was 8 years old and laying on the floor of our living room (decked out in my A's gear) watching the pregame festivities/beginning of the game for the Bay Bridge World Series (most AmAzing series EVER!) and the phone rang, it was my grandmother in TX  calling to see if we were ok and my mom was like "what do you mean?" Then the tv went out so I started yelling at my mom to come fix it quick (couldnt imagine not seeing the entire game!) Just as all this was happening we began to feel the quake, my mom put down the phone and told me to get in the doorway NOW! I did but it was quite a long earthquake so she eventually had me hid under the kitchen desk! Afterwards we ended up being lucky! We didn't have much damage besides broken dishes and things like that! An we were extraordinarily luck that my dad, who usually worked in the City, was working at the Concord office that day!  The only other casualty was that I was bummed bc they couldn't play the game! Which was obviously the least of everyone else's concerns but what can I say? I just LOVE baseball! lol

I find a couple things interesting ... first that my grandma knew about the quake before we did! Quakes really do roll out in waves because we hadn't felt it yet out east in Walnut Creek. The second thing that really baffles me is that some people's stories don't include being about to watch the World Series! I know, I know, I'm a baseball crAzy and my fave team was in the series but I just can't comprehend not watching it because you were out playing or something lame like that ... but that's just me and my crAzy obsession! So to each their own! I just find it comical! LOL! 

So that's my Loma Prieta story - what's yours???

*Since I have no pics on my computer from 1989, I figured this authentic BB poster that still hangs on my green living room wall would suffice! LOL*

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