Tuesday, October 1, 2013

hAppy #OAKtober Athletics fAnAtics! RALLY AT CITY HALL TODAY AT 5pm!!


**REMEMBER 5pm TODAY at Oakland City Hall there is going to be an ATHLETICS RALLY to support our boys this post season! Be there to show your love for our team! We are a fAnily after al!! Kara and Stomper will be there and 95.7 The Game will be there broadcasting live! SUPPORT OAKLAND BASEBALL!! Show up today!** I'm gonna do my best to be there! LET'S GO OAKLAND!!!!!

**Also we are trying to get #OAKtober trending by the first ALDS game THIS Friday! Please use the hashtag and tell your friends!**

*We know who's real #fAnily and who is not so at this point I guess bandwagoners welcome! LOL! Let's get the #Coli ROCKIN' this weekend!!**

Fun hashtags to use! Yay!

#fAnily (but only if you're a part of it for real ... come one peeps be honest now! lol)

*Up next on my blog ... making the case for Bartolo Colon as this season's AL CY Young*

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