Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Just Want to Share a Couple Random Things Today! lol :)

What is a part of what makes O.Co Coliseum so special?? +Michael Morgan  and @Oakland_Vader put this together so they know! The CHARACTERS!  And coming soon: Sketchball: Drawings From Oakland's Cheap Seats!!

I am humbled and honored to have been considered for this comic and be included with some of the Coliseum's most iconic characters! Saw quite a few of us on Instagram this morning collected and put together by Oakland Vader and drawn by Michael Morgan and just felt it needed to be shared! WE WILL ROCK AND RAGE AT THE COLI ON THURSDAY AND THE A'S WILL PREVAIL over the tigers! Let's Go Oakland! And thanks for everything over the years my Oakland fAnily! :-)

Also, yesterday one of my tweets was featured in Casey Pratt's article! Which again I am honored by and basically just think its cool enough to talk about! LOL!

Enjoy my friends! See you at the Coli tomorrow at 5pm! We Still Got This Oaktown!

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