Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Terrible Baseball Writing at its Finest!

Yup! I found one of the absolute WORST pieces of baseball writing I've ever seen in my last 8 years working in and around the media and my last 28 years of reading baseball books, articles, watching games and documentaries but I have never seen anything this appalling! He calls Balfour "classless" but knows nothing about the A's nor the Balfour Rage! 

This so called "author" Connor Muldowney obviously has no knowledge of the team he is writing about! Do some RESEARCH! I don't know everything about the Tigers but I do research and write about other teams fairly! Balfour swearing on the mound as most of us know is his way of firing himself up and Martinez also should have known that being that we are in the POSTSEASON - shouldn't you know everything about your enemy? So how do they not understand where we get the #BalfourRage and the music and everything? Is everyone blind? Apparently they are when it comes to #Oakland who despite having the league's 3rd lowest payroll contends year after year! But really, just try a little research before you unleash this kinda crap to the world. It's classless of the author not to give #Oaktown the time ... he's not even watching his obviously, by the complete bias, beloved Tigers because had he watched the game this article wouldn't exist ...

Terribly researched and written Balfour article on RantSports! READ IT HERE!


Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!

One of my fave pics of Grant Balfour, taken from my seat at the Coliseum during the 2013 ALDS Game 1 vs the Detroit Tigers! <3 10/4/13

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