Sunday, February 9, 2014

Oakland A's Fan Fest 2014!

Me telling Kara about my #OaklandSockSwag!
Fan Fest was greAt this year, held at both the Coliseum and the Arena in Oakland made for lesser crowds (but lines for autographs and things were still loooong) and a much better time than last year. I was lucky enough to be considered one of the A's "Personalities" and was interviewed by THE Kara Tsuboi!!She was so nice and a bunch of my other pals like the Melvin's Misfits, Shakabrodie, The Greatest Sign Maker etc were there with me which was so much fun! And we got to have a meet and greet with manager Bob Melvin and general manager the infamous Billy Beane! So that was just awesome on its own! We stayed for some of the Q & A sessions which was fun but then it was time to move from the Arena to the Coli!

In the Coli we got to sit in our seats which we (my mom and I) LOVE to do!! The field was all torn up thanks to motor cross or whatever the f*ck it is that they have their like a week before but we have a great grounds crew and it will be ready by March 31st. Basically after that we just kept running into our A's FANily members, taking pics, checking out which players were around. I'm not one to really wait in the ginormous lines to get autographs for pics so I just kinda enjoy my surroundings! 

Me w/A's manager BoMel!
Thank goodness this year they sold beer! Last year they didn't! I swear I just wanted to yell "WTF is wrong with you people?" I didn't but it was still a pain in the ass! LOL! At the end of the day my mom and I stopped by the silent auction (my Dad's absolute favorite thing in the world!! And we were able to bid and get a signed David Justice bat and we all know how much I love that guy! So that was a great ending to the day ... and we stopped by the 148 Tailgate on the way out and got some delicious samples of DreamKiller's famous cheese cake! It was delicious! By then we were pretty tired! Overall tho, this was by far the best fan fest - most likely ever - but definitely the best one in years! LET'S GO OAKLAND!!!!! I HELLA LOVE OAKLAND!!!!! 
Me and the rest of the A's Personalities! Such an honor!

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  1. Wish I could have made it this year, had school! Go Athletics!!