Thursday, February 27, 2014

A's Reddick Makes the "Catch of the Year" in first Spring Training Game (Twice!)

In the Oakland Athletics very first spring training game of 2014, right fielder Josh Reddick, made what everyone is calling "The Catch Of the Year." He did it not once but twice! Not only that, both times he robbed the same hitter, the San Francisco Giants' Michael Morse, of a home run!
Image courtesy of Getty Images
Image courtesy of Getty Images
His first catch over the right field ten-foot high fence is considered the better of the two but when you look at them side by side you can hardly tell the difference. The A's RF, nicknamed "Spiderman," can be seen literally jumping and scaling the fence while at the same time looking over his left shoulder to catch a ball that literally made a catcher in the Giants bullpen jump out of his seat. Apparently he thought the ball was going to land in his lap when it landed in Reddick's Glove.
Can it REALLY be the "catch of the year" if it isn't even March yet? The answer from many is "yes." In fact, most everyone that witnessed the catch feel the same way A's outfielder Sam Fuld felt when he said,
"The first one he made was the best play I've ever seen, on the field or as a fan or anywhere. Best play I've ever seen live, and then it just got wacky with the second one. You'll never see that ever again."
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