Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dallas Sportscaster's & Jon Stewart's Similar Take On Michael Sam

Here's the Link to Jon Stewart's Take On Michael Sam Coming Out! The Daily Show: Friday Night Rights

Well, alright. I know, I know it took me a while to get to this! You're like gosh Jen this has been news for hella days now! LOL!  Now I really hope that you have watched both videos and there are some definite similarities ... Jon Stewart's is of course a little more colorful as you would expect ... but what surprised everyone this week was this Dallas News Anchor's reaction. 

Yes, I'm from Texas but being raised in California this is NOT the reaction we'd expect from a guy in south. It's extremely refreshing to know that there are normal people, who care about others and don't put them down for their skin color, sexual orientation or anything else** even in the south!

Aren't equal rights what this country was founded upon? And freedom of religion ... not freedom of the type of Christian you are! I am an Atheist and proud of it. I support people who feel the need to believe in a higher power but not the judgmental ones ... those people should pretty much rot in hell ... if there was one! Basically the point of this blog is to praise Michael Sam for his brave decision to come out and wish him the best of luck in the NFL and if anyone f*cks with him ... there will be more than enough people who have his back like his Missouri teammates who have known his "secret" since August, didn't care and kept it quiet! So bottom line ... let people be! If their lifestyle or the way they were born is not affecting you then keep your mouth shut! EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL!

**Exception**  - the only thing allowed in my book to judge someone on is team affiliation - esp if they know nothing about the team and act like a "die-hard"  - so basically that means being a gnats fan ... yes, I will judge you for that unless you can answer three questions for me. The first one is easy NOW THANKS ALOT BAT KID! 1. What is the giants mascot? 2. What is Buster Posey's real name? 3. Name 3 giants players - not including Zito - pre 2010? If you can do that I won't judge you and see you as a competent fan ... which is cool in my book)

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