Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's a MIRACLE! Reddick and the Athletics Avoid Arbitration!!

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As an A's fan, recently,  I have expressed my displeasure that the arbitration situation between RF Josh Reddick, 26, and the Oakland Athletics was going to be taken all the way to an arbitration hearing, one there was no way Reddick was going to win. He asked the Athletics for $3.23 million after a dismal year in 2012 and wouldn't accept the A's offer of $2 million.
Reddick has been compensated well over his four year career first with the Boston Red Sox and then with the Athletics. Last season made $510,000 and has made well over a million dollars professional career.'s Jane Lee just reported that the Athletics and Reddick have avoided arbitration with a one year deal. The details of his salary have not been released but it is expected to be around the midpoint of the two offers at about $2.625 million.
This is great news for the Athletics. Arbitration hearings do not always end with the warmest of feelings between the two parties.  Had they gone to a hearing it would have only been the third time during Billy Bean's tenure as general manager of the A's and the first time in nine years. The Athletics have only gone into an arbitration hearing twice since 1997; first in 2000 with pitcher Ariel Prieto and second in with Juan Cruz in 2005. Prieto is currently on the coaching staff with the Athletics proving that unpleasantness doesn't always go hand in hand with an arbitration hearing, but often times it does.

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