Thursday, August 1, 2013

Video Blog and Snap Chat randomness! (Please be patient ... some technical difficulties going on! ugh!)

So I learned how to make videos on Snap Chat today! Honestly I highly recommend this app! I've met cool people and you can take the most fun, hilarious videos and pics! If you have it and haven't added me please do! My username for Snap Chat is BullpenBrunette! Looking forward to hearing from y'all!

Also, using #SnapChat I found out how much fun and easy it is to make videos! Following are the first few Snap Chat vids just took tonight, like my first ever. I'm sure I look like the total baseball nerd that I am but who cares! Baseball hella rules over every sport! Anything can happen and you almost always have a chance to win the next day! I love how baseball is everyday for half the year ... truly the best sport ever!! But I am totally beginning to digress! Below are my first few Snap Chat videos, I'll use my actual camera if I decide to do an actual video blog! Then posts can be longer and I'm sure that the rest of them will be like this be accompanied by some written stuff .... so here goes! My first attempts at Snap Chat video making! lmao! I'm such a baseball nerd!! Gotta embrace it tho!! Let's Go Oakland! I Hella Love my A's!!

I couldnt get the SnapChat videos on here but you can see them (yeah they are a little embarrassing! lmao) on my YouTube channel: Oakland A's Socks Girl's You Tube Channel  There is also a link in the upper right corner of this page as well!

So I'm definitely gonna be starting a video blog on YouTube! So subscribe to my channel if you are interested!  Don't know when I am gonna start it but soon enough! Thanks! :-)

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