Saturday, August 31, 2013

Oakland A's Socks Girl featured in Sketchball: Drawings from Oakland's Cheap Seats

I was honored at the ballgame the other day when another fan Michael Morgan approached me and asked if he could include "The Oakland A's Socks Girl" in his comic book, Sketchball! Flattered I immediately said yes (even tho I had really seen his work yet) Once I saw his work I knew I had made the right choice! Look for my original socks (below) in Issue 1 of Sketchball and coming up in the 2nd issue of Sketchball will hopefully include my luckiest pair of #OaklandSockSwag! :-) Here's a link and more info on the comic book! Enjoy!

Oakland A's Socks Girl featured in the Sketchball Comic! (click the link for my full story and the drawings and stories of many of the other interesting "characters" that roam around the Coliseum)

"Oakland A’s Socks Girl is both a sports writer, and sports fashion trendsetter. When she’s not writing for or on her twitter account, she is showing off her trademark A’s socks. Twitter: @OaklandAsSocksGirl" - writing and artistic credit go to Michael Morgan, author and illustrator of the comic book, "Sketchball: Drawings from Oakland's Cheap Seats!"

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