Sunday, December 22, 2013

New to Tumblr - Oakland A's Socks Girl

Also: the Winter Solstice, Idol Features: Christmas Compilation and The Joys of Cleaning Out My Closet! 

So I took a leap and added yet another page to my many based on my "alter ego" which as you all know is Oakland A's Socks Girl! I really didn't want another page but I wanted to find out what all the Tumblr business was about!

At first I thought it would be just a place to post pictures like Yahoo's Flikr. But Tumblr seems to be so much more than that. It is a more like a combination of FacebookTwitter and Google+. Which while seems like a good idea and I do like it ... I think that trying to combine a FB/Twitter style feed with a blog and photo stream is a bit of an over load. It's cool though! No harm in testing the waters, right? I did find a lot of cool stuff on Tumblr about the Winter Solstice today which was a pleasant surprise! I shared a lot of them on my other pages. Being that I am an Atheist who believes in Science, Equality (for all people and animals) and of course the great Flying Spaghetti Monster, my winter celebration is the Winter Solstice, however going there right now would take this blog in a completely different direction and while I LOVE talking about peoples' different beliefs, organized religion, holidays etc .... I guess I will write a blog on it later but not at the moment..... So far my impression of Tumblr is that its main appeal is that you can find pics, quotes, articles, blogs etc all in one place. Personally I really do find it overwhelming but I would recommend checking it out!

So, anyway, I was in the middle of cleaning out my closet which was HELLA needed ... ended up making a bigger mess than was there before so I took a break for dinner, now here I am at 12:27am and I am on the computer and not cleaning up my mess! LOL! The good news is that I found a lot of clothes that I can give away as well as quite a few hardly worn ones from places like Ann Taylor, Nordstrom and The Limited that I can possibly get some money for .... Here I go again ... Off topic - but I am gonna put some of the clothes on Craigslist - so if you are a size 0-4, I may even have a size 6 mixed in - check out my ad! (will post a link to it when I am finally finished with the sorting and organizing stage! LOL) I have everything from jeans to dresses, jackets and shirts!  ....  I also found my "holiday outfit" that will be featured on +Chris CharlesIdol Features: Christmas Compilation. I did an interview for Chris in July, just click on my name to read the interview! 

Happy Winter Solstice! Enjoy The Holidays!
Oakland A's Socks Girl

PS. Feel free to follow me on Tumblr or of course any of my pages! Links are to the right! Thanks! Seasons Greetings!

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