Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A's/whiners vs. A's/Raiders Fans on FB from the view of an A's/Cowboys fan and Raiders supporter! ... whoa! I know!

What I wrote on a forum on FB:

Yeah well here I'm gonna get blasted and I know it! I couldn't even comment on the thread above because there were WAAAAY to many comments to even read through to be able to make even a somewhat coherent statement! Here's my deal and I KNOW there will be a lot of haters ... I can't stand A's/whiner ppl but ONLY b/c I hate the whiners with a passion! However I can  understand people (esp in my age group, I'm 32, grew up a 90's kid) growing up liking them b/c fuck dudes the Raiders up and left. I get that. It's something understandable!

My deal is even more complicated. I am from TX, brought home from the hospital in a Cowboys onesie that my parents still have! (And while I find Romo and dear god, his new fucking contract to be a complete JOKE bc he'll never win shit! And there are some people who will argue that he does have better numbers than Aikman and Staubach! Well, I'm like idk about numbers! If you pass for 400 yds a game good for you but if you don't get the win then what's the fucking point? I want results not numbers and that is what Troy and Roger provided! SUPER BOWL RINGS!) ... Anyways, what I was trying to get to is I get why some A's fans like the Niners but I also get why A's fans are Raiders fans. I was raised a Cowboys fan and Troy winning three SB's in my formative years certainly helped keep me involved in my TX roots but while I watched the Astros as a kid I did not go to a live game until I moved here at the age of 4. My first game was an A's game and that day my loyalty to Oakland was solidified FOREVER!! But here I am a Cowboys fan who obviously hates the whiners (if I didnt what kinda fan would I be?? I grew up with that rivalry in the early 90's!) and LOVES the A's and the sport of baseball with pretty much my whole heart and soul ... so what I am trying to say is that I love Oakland so much that I have to support the Raiders as long as they aren't playing the Cowboys. It all sounds ridiculous even to me as I write this but the whole point is I get the A's/Niners and I get the A's/Raiders because I feel an intense loyalty to Oakland teams even tho I was raised to love Texas football and I still do! But I can't bring myself to EVER hate on the Raiders due to my loyalty to the city, the A's and it's sports! Y'all probably think I'm insane after reading this and I am not even sure it makes any sense but I wanted to throw my two cents out there! Go A's!

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