Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bullpen Blast: Things Baseball "Fans" Need To Stop Doing

Bullpen Blast: Things Baseball "Fans" Need To Stop Doing: They invade ballparks. They invade social media. They're easy to find, hard to get rid of. They claim to be "baseball fans" ...

Great blog! Even though the author is primarily a giants fan! (*insert collective "ewwww" here*)! Seriously though I have been talking about writing a book on baseball fan etiquette for years. I'm always whispering to my mother (also an A's fAnAtic) about this behavior over here or that fan over there, who just ruins the experience for everyone else! I've always said I'd write a book but as the queen of not only socks but procrastination I haven't even tried. This may (or may not) inspire me to start. He makes great points and it is a fantastic, well thought out list but I have definite suggestions/ideas that could push that list into a book! Definitely worth the read baseball fans of any team!

*Attn: OAKLAND FANS - I need ideas on this whole "Wave" controversy. Personally I don't like the wave, I think it is distracting to players and other fans as well as shows that a good part of the crowd isn't into the game. However the wave was created IN Oaktown ... so I was actually thinking earlier today, would be possible for us to embrace it yet use it at an appropriate time? ... Ideas are certainly welcome! Thanks*


  1. OK..I am the opposite, the Duke..nay, the PRINCE..of writing down ideas galore but not doing anything with them. I dont procrastinate, I just dont produce anything useful :-P so..I think this book idea is fucking EXCELLENT..I want in!

    can we say "fucking"... shit, hope so

    anyhow, your question on the Wave..yeah, I know Krazy George has the first video proof of the Wave, so we kinda have to accept it, but I cant stand the Wave. It serves absolutely no purpose. The only way I THINK it could work is when the other team is pitching. Having that sound going around the stadium, and the people standing up around home plate MIGHT distract pitcher slightly...but we gotta step it maybe have two waves going at once, opposite directions, and they intersect behind 1st and 3rd..

    yeah, probably too much...cant even get people to not hit beach balls ON to the field...

    The Wave is now just kind of fan anarchy..there is no rime or reason, and people just start it to proudly declare "I started a wave!"..which, typically, is followed by them drunkenly stumbling into a trash can...

    Maybe have it so everyone in every other section jumps in unison, and they alternate it..I am WAYYY over thinking this..I blame you, Jen ;-P

  2. I remember being a little kid going A's game and having Krazy George leading the crowd in The Wave